Meet the Designer

My name is Edward Clarkson, born London UK and raised in the beautiful city of Newcastle Australia!

I specialise in illustration, animation, branding, and product design. From a young age, through drawing, painting and ceramics, I have always loved creating both real and imagined worlds. 

The WORLDSCAPE COLLECTIVE product range allowed me to dive into digital illustration. You will find that each work contains icons, architecture, landmarks and cultural features that represent each individual city.

What's Next


GLASGOW Scotland

The largest city in Scotland and the third largest in the UK, Glasgow is famed for its art scene, shipping, theatre and much more. I hope to have this work completed in August!

BELFAST North Ireland

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Belfast in 2018 and have had plans for some time to create it as a WORLDSCAPE.

Belfast is famed for its ship building history and connections to the Titanic. Today it is the heart of North Ireland and a bustling city on the British Isles.


The second city of England and one of the UK's largest, Birmingham is synonymous with industry, manufacturing and canals.